Aaron Feldman is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery and technology industries. He is the co-founder of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, a national medical practice management company that manages select top doctors specializing in these fields. In this capacity, Aaron was responsible for developing and overseeing all operations of management including the development of standard operating procedures, recruitment and management of the executive team, and the structure of management agreements with managed entities and doctors. He served as liaison with outside and inside counsel, developed budgets and projections, orchestrated the creation of the Foundation’s website and quality assurance program, and developed and managed its sales team, human resource, and accounting departments.

As COO for Surgeon’s Adviser, Aaron was instrumental in creating successful Internet marketing and online patient acquisition strategies for cosmetic surgeons. As a senior member of the Hair Club for Men and Women’s executive management team, he developed and oversaw the surgical hair transplant division and built it into a multi-million dollar business with 26 locations throughout the United States and Canada. He was responsible for recruitment and management of physicians and negotiating national vendor contracts. He worked with the Medical Director to standardize and implement surgical policies, and directed the expansion efforts (build-out, hiring, and staff training) of eight new locations that he directly managed.

Previous to these positions, Aaron served as Vice President of Operations for a 25 million-dollar luxury fitness facility with multiple locations throughout the United States. His responsibilities for that organization included development and implementation of policy and procedures, recruitment and hiring of executive staff, budgets, site selection and lease negotiations, and administration of vendor contracts.

He also worked with boutique medical practices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, New York City, Boca Raton, Miami, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Chicago. Among his many achievements, he placed the first hair transplant doctor on the wildly popular TV show, “Extreme Makeover.”

Aaron Feldman was recently named an advisory board member for the Association for Medical Ethics, a group of physicians from every medical specialty that promotes the care of patients absent of any consideration of financial gain or loss based on choice of surgical equipment, implant, manufacturer, hospital or surgery center.