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Creating A Reusable Custom Post

By Top Pro Media Group Lead Developer Custom post types are very useful for sites and blogs using the WordPress platform. Here at Top Pro Media Group we use them for industry specific galleries, case studies, staff members, etc. Anything you want loopable where you don’t want the person editing to be responsible for the […]

Evolution of Web Design

By Top Pro Media Group Creative Director Do you remember the first search engine you used? Was it Magellan, Yahoo, AltaVista or maybe Google for you younglings? Mine was AOL on Windows 3.0. Do you remember how simple and awesome it was? It was the first time you could talk to someone via chat rooms […]


By Top Pro Media Group Lead Developer That is the number of unique screen resolutions in 2013. What does that mean to you? With 37% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it means a lot. Let’s say you open your website on your PC. And your friend views it on his iPhone. And then, […]

Holiday Events

By Top Pro Media Group As we approach the holiday season, a lot of companies are beginning to plan their holiday parties. Many employees look forward to this time of year because they are excited about spending quality time with their office family minus the work and schedule. When planning your holiday extravaganza, keep in […]

Password Security

By Top Pro Media Group Director of IT With the constant expansion of e-commerce websites, identity theft continues to be a growing concern. Websites like healthcare.gov — which has most, if not all of your personal information — become easy targets for hackers to gain access to your identity. The only thing that typically prevents […]

Communication and Cake

By Top Pro Media Group Marketing Director How happy employees help the state of your business As we enter the Holiday season the subject of gratitude keeps coming up. Gratitude. That tricky little intangible thing that can forge your relationships or sour them. While chatting with one of our clients’ employees, she mentioned the lack […]