Communication and Cake

By Top Pro Media Group Marketing Director

How happy employees help the state of your business

As we enter the Holiday season the subject of gratitude keeps coming up. Gratitude. That tricky little intangible thing that can forge your relationships or sour them. While chatting with one of our clients’ employees, she mentioned the lack of employee morale as of late. While she knows she is appreciated and the office staff get along quite well, she felt there was something lacking which in turn led to our discussing the day to day activity in the practice. We happened upon a few key things that when initiated in your office can show your gratitude and increase the efficiency of your employees.

Engage in conversations and round-tables with your staff:

When there is a bit of free time, talk to your staff. They are on the front lines of your practice, interacting with patients, vendors, sales reps, everyday. While they may not be the ultimate decision maker, they usually have a pretty good grasp of the business and their insight can be extremely helpful. Also, the fact that you take the time to speak with them and not to them goes a long way. Everyone likes to feel important and when you empower your staff they may pleasantly surprise you.

Encourage Work Breaks:

The non-smokers of the office usually get the short end of the stick. We understand firsthand a busy office environment and know the importance of having a manned desk, phone, exam room. Walking away for a minute, getting some fresh air, a quick phone call, can all lead to a more focused and pleasant demeanor. In turn, this allows your employees that extra bit of patience when dealing with a “difficult” patient (and we all have at least one “difficult” patient…).

Be Gracious:

A smile and a simple “thank you” can go a long way in your employees’ loyalty and willingness to go the extra mile. Reply All to an email update with a “Nice job!”. Jot down a “Thank You!” on a post it note and place it on their desk. Let them leave 20 minutes early on a long Holiday weekend. A little recognition and appreciation builds a positive work environment from the top. Once your staff sees your positive, appreciative attitude, theirs will surely follow.

And everyone’s favorite…Cake!

And by cake, I mean cake…or coffee…or carrot sticks for that matter. Simply a small token of appreciation and celebration when someone has a Birthday or a Wedding or a Baby. When we are involved in celebrating each others’ achievements we feel connected to each other and this instills teamwork in the office and also breeds loyalty. And who doesn’t love cake?