Evolution of Web Design

By Top Pro Media Group Creative Director


Do you remember the first search engine you used? Was it Magellan, Yahoo, AltaVista or maybe Google for you younglings? Mine was AOL on Windows 3.0. Do you remember how simple and awesome it was? It was the first time you could talk to someone via chat rooms or skip the library and go straight to your computer after school. It’s also a place where a lot of us got our start and found our passion resulting in the ever-expanding World Wide Web!

As a result of the new developing world within our own, Web Designers were born and Websites were built. Websites were simple and featured basic text. These websites were nothing fancy and were only there to provide information to people with ease. Within a few years, the infant web designers were maturing and so were the websites. Websites quickly became more advanced and visually appealing.

Text started scrolling across the screen and hit counters at the bottom of the website became increasingly popular. At this time, everyone wanted to be on the internet. Companies started asking for music and hover buttons for no other reason but that we had figured out how to do it and it was awesome.

The mid to late 90s gave way to table-based design and page builders. It was now possible to create websites with multiple columns and more dynamic layouts that weren’t possible before. Websites boomed! This was the start of Geocities, Angelfire and crazy off the wall animated clip-art.

Then we come to the 2000’s where CSS became the standard for web design. It was all of a sudden easier to change and alter a variety of features that would have normally made your web designer hate you in the late 90’s. Javascript also became a quick favorite of web designers looking to create drop-down menus, calendars, web forms, and much more.

Today, you will again notice advancement as we have moved into responsive and flat web designs. What will we think of next?