Holiday Events

By Top Pro Media Group

As we approach the holiday season, a lot of companies are beginning to plan their holiday parties. Many employees look forward to this time of year because they are excited about spending quality time with their office family minus the work and schedule. When planning your holiday extravaganza, keep in mind that a successful holiday event is one that focuses on detail and inclusion.

Be creative. This is extremely important especially if you plan to do an in-office event. It’s expected that an in-office party will include food, maybe a round of Secret Santa, a candy-cane or two and a punch bowl. But having a creative event means stepping it up a notch by doing something that is unique and fun. Transform your event space by adding a little décor. Fabric is an inexpensive way to dress everything from seating, to table sets to wall design. Don’t be afraid to be festive. Add subtle touches by incorporating elements that are a part of the holiday season. Create a menorah centerpiece out of shot glasses filled with green and red M&M’s and tea-tree candles/lights, or make a Christmas tree out of fish wire and green shaded bulbs (Christmas ornaments) that you can hang from the ceiling. You can even bring 5th Avenue to your office by creating a Tiffany’s themed holiday event inclusive of teal colored fabrics and crystal décor with fresh flowers and a flowing fountain of chocolate or champagne… that is of course if your budget allows you to do so! Your creative ability is endless. Use the internet as your resource for inspiration.

Be generous. Tis the season to be giving! This is the time that you can show off you company’s generosity. Some companies are not prosperous enough during the year to offer bonuses or monetary gifts to their employees. Conversely, using your holiday event to showcase your company’s generosity will prove to your employees that you care and you want to share what you do have with them. If your office event includes food or spirits, allow it to be plentiful; not just in measure but in variety and sumptuousness. If you are taking your team out of the office to celebrate the season, select a location that engages and excites your team. The local pub down the street can’t satisfy every office occasion. Let’s save that location for the impromptu happy hour after work.

Furthermore, be generous with the time you allot for this event. It’s ok to close the office early just this one day to give people time to travel to an off-site location. Or plan an in-office event that extends past the traditional lunch hour. To maximize attendance, having an event during normal business hours is best. People are less likely to return to work after already leaving. A good time frame to do this would be from 3pm – until. Be sure to let your clients or customers know ahead of time that the office will be closing early. An e-blast or post on your Facebook profile should suffice. Always leave a point of contact in case of emergencies.

Brand your event. Let’s give them something to talk about! You won’t curb employee turn-over because your event was super amazing. But you will give everyone something to look forward to for the next year. Branding your event has a simple formula. Great food + Entertainment (of some kind) + Great Ambiance = Amazing Event. Branding isn’t just for your potential customers. Branding is something you also have to do within to keep the morale up and the inspiration flowing. Use this platform to show your fellow team members that the company is ever-creative, ever-generous and always at the forefront of what’s new and what’s current when it comes to planning. Don’t be afraid to use a few creative individuals on your team to help foster the event along.