By Top Pro Media Group Lead Developer

That is the number of unique screen resolutions in 2013. What does that mean to you? With 37% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it means a lot.

Let’s say you open your website on your PC. And your friend views it on his iPhone. And then, your patient pulls up your website on her iPad. All three devices offer different resolution. And if your website was not built to be responsive, it won’t be easily viewed or fully functional on all devices. And that is only three of the 232 unique screen resolutions out there today.

That is where Responsive Web Design (or RWD as the techies like to call it) comes in. With RWD, your website will give consistent and optimized experiences each time it is pulled up, no matter which device is being used. Basically, it’s one design that morphs itself based on the device used to view it. Your site will be easy to navigate and therefore have increased visibility and a lower bounce rate.

Send us your website and we will check it out for you and make sure it is responsive. If not, we can have you responsive for less than $25 per month.